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Be part of the Weinheim Symposium on Green Civil Engineering

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How can the building industry face the challenges of the 21st century? Join the exciting event celebrating decades of partnership between our publishing house Ernst & Sohn, Wiley, and the civil engineering community:

  • Discover new research
  • Meet established and upcoming researchers
  • Learn more about the most current topics in German civil engineering research

Supported by our journal Civil Engineering Design.

Chaired by topical experts, talks will focus on current and strategic research areas including:

  • The role of sustainable building in minimizing the consumption of energy and fossil resources
  • New technological developments that allow for a new generation of adaptive structures and materials
  • Automated manufacturing and construction that allow for increased efficiency and ecology
  • Digital technologies offering new approaches to these challenges

Main organizers are Prof. Konrad Bergmeister and Prof. Manfred Curbach.

The session will be recorded. Register for free now and be part of the audience. You will as well get access to the recorded sessions.

Discover exciting new research at the Weinheim Symposium on Green Civil Engineering.

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Datum 12. Januar 2022
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